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Best Air Fryer deals for October 2022 | Digital Trends
 1 October 2022

It even has an auto-shutoff, which is a nice addition that really should be on all air fryers. On the other hand, if you like cooking the Bella Pro Series ...

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I'd buy an air fryer over a toaster oven — here's why | Tom's Guide
 29 September 2022

Better performance. First of all, air fryers are dedicated to the cause. These appliances are designed specifically for air frying as well as broiling, and will ...

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Best Air Fryers 2022
 15 September 2022

We tested 8 air fryers to find the best ones for crisping foods without the oil or the mess.

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The only way to make French fries is in an air fryer | TechRadar
 27 August 2022

There is a way to eat French fries without all the guilt. Instead of grabbing a carton of takeout fries that have been deep fried in gallons of old oil, use an air fryer.

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Best Air Fryers of 2022, Tested by Us - CNET
 27 August 2022

If you're still not quite sure what an air fryer even is, CNET's complete guide to air fryers has everything you need to know before you buy.

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Best TVs 2022: Which? Best Buy Televisions and Expert Buying Guide
 23 August 2022

Discover the TVs that scored best in our tough, independent tests. Find out what features to look for, 4K and HDR, what size TV you should buy, which are ...

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Best multi cooker 2022: Do-it-all multi cookers from Ninja, Instant Pot ...
 14 July 2022

The only issue is that this versatility comes at a price: at around £200, you could potentially buy a cheaper multi cooker and separate air fryer for less.

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Best air fryers in 2022 tested and rated
 5 April 2022

Based on our extensive tests, here are the best air fryers, for every family's needs and every budget.

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The best cheap Air Fryer sales and deals for April 2022
 31 March 2022

Get the best cheap Air Fryers sales and prices from top brands like Philips, Black + Decker and more.

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