Parrot Disco FPV

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Discover Disco, the first fixed-wing drone that reaches speeds up to 50 mph. Immerse yourself in flight and see the world from a whole new angle with Parrot Cockpitglasses, the new FPV headset designed to put you in the cockpit of your drone.


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 70% from 2 Reviews
 7 / 10

The Disco is very well built and flies great, but it’s also hindered by its limitations. As a fixed-wing drone without landing gear, it doesn’t fly at the same acute angles nor land on various...
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This Parrot Disco FPV review was all about introducing people to this device and helping them understand the specifications, and this should give users a clear idea of whether or not this is going to...
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 3.5 / 5

So if the Parrot Disco FPV is big and expensive, delivers underwhelming video quality, and you need a lot of room to fly it, why am I rating it this high? The answer is a simple one: The Disco is a...
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Aeroworks Productions

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