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Ryze Tech DJI Tello
Ryze Tech DJI Tello
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PowerEgg X is a camera drone that's also a handheld camcorder

 8 January 2020

PowerVision has made drones that fly and drones that swim and now, it's got one that flies in the rain. The PowerEgg X, debuting at CES 2020, is considerably smaller than the original PowerEgg that was essentially a large 4.6-pound flying egg with a 4K-resolution camera. The PowerEgg X is still eggish in shape, at least partly, but looks a lot more like a typical quadcopter than its predecessor and seemingly does a lot more, too.

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This autonomous security drone is designed to guard your home

 7 January 2020

One of the new products unveiled at CES this year is a new kind of home security system — one that includes drones to patrol your property, along with sensors designed to mimic garden light and a central processor to bring it all together.

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