Parrot Swing

Its unique X shape provides you with two drones in one. With an advanced flight controller and reliable sensors, the Parrot Swing is the only plane minidrone with vertical take-off and landing. Sturdy and easy to grasp, nothing will stop you!


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The X-shaped drone features a unique design that lets it fly horizontally while being able to take off and land vertically.
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The Gadgeteer

At about $99, the Parrot Swing isn’t too expensive. I just wish the built-in camera was better and the flight times were longer. But even with those minor complaints, it’s still a really fun flying...
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Drones Monthly

From our own hands on review of the Parrot Swing it is easy to clarify this drone is aimed at more of an entry level or family drone that you can just have fun with. The Parrot Swing does not fall...
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